The Information System on Occupational Exposure (ISOE) was created in 1992 to provide a forum for radiological protection professionals from nuclear electricity licensees and national regulatory authorities worldwide to discuss, promote and co‑ordinate international co-operative undertakings for the radiological protection of workers at nuclear power plants.

The objective of the ISOE is to improve the management of occupational exposure at nuclear power plants by exchanging broad and regularly updated information, data and experience on methods to optimise occupational radiological protection.

ISOE is jointly sponsored by the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Download the  pdf ISOE Brochure (1.19 MB)

A general presentation of the ISOE System is available to be used by the members to present and promote ISOE Programme.

Download the ISOE General Presentation

ISOE Members

Membership in ISOE includes representatives from nuclear electricity licensees and national regulatory authorities.
As of December 2023, there are 77 nuclear licensees in 31 countries, as well as 27 regulatory authorities of 25 countries participating to the system.

ISOE Structure

The ISOE operates in a decentralised manner. Decisions and overall direction are provided by the ISOE Management Board, composed of representatives from nuclear licensees and regulatory authorities from all participating countries. The ISOE Bureau, elected by the Management Board, guides ISOE and Secretariat work between Management Board meetings. Both are supported by the joint NEA/IAEA Secretariat.

Four ISOE Technical centres (Asia, Europe, IAEA and North America) serve the programme’s day-to-day technical operations and are contact points for the transfer of information from and to participant countries.

A National co-ordinator in each country provides a link between ISOE participants and the ISOE programme.

Specialised working groups, mandated by the Management Board, are created on an as-needed basis to support the goals of the ISOE on specific topics.

ISOE Products and benefits

The ISOE is the world’s most comprehensive source of experience and information for occupational exposure management at nuclear power plants, and offers its members a variety of resources.

    A global network of radiological protection professionals from nuclear electricity licensees and national regulatory authorities.
    The world’s largest database on occupational exposure from nuclear power plants. The NEA provides IT support to further develop and maintain an internet‑based system for the ISOE.
    Access to the ISOE database, products, resources and online user fora.
    Detailed studies and analyses on current issues in operational radiological protection and dose trends.
    Annual ISOE reports, Annual country reports, Topical reports
    Regional and international ALARA symposia organised yearly by Technical centres,
    Radiological protection manager meetings,
    Regulatory body representative meetings.
    Bencharking visits allow ISOE members to share their experience and good radiological protection practices.