Folder Session 1: RP at Design Stage of the NPPs


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Occupational radiation protection principles and criteria for designing new nuclear power plants
By E. Gaillard-Lecanu (EDF R&D, France), Miroslav Pinak (OECD Nuclear Energy Agency), G. Frasch (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, Germany)

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Material Selection According to ALARA during Design Stages of EPR™
By P. Jolivet, A. Tamba, F. Chahma, AREVA NP, France

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ACR-1000® Design Features Minimizing Collective Occupational Radiation Exposures and Public Dose to ALARA
By S. Julien, B. Yue, L. Olayiwola, K. Hau, AECL, Canada

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Methodology for Ensuring the Integration of ALARA into the Design of the AP1000TM Reactor
By E. Slobe, Westinghouse Electric Company LLC, USA