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Further Development of the Weibull Distribution Method for Evaluating ALARA Performance
By J.P. Watkins, E.L. Frome, D.A. Hagemeyer, Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU), USA

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Driving Performance Improvements with the Use of Key Performance Indicators
By P.A. Jones, Calvert Cliffs NPP, USA

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Operational Radiation Protection Self-Assessment Program
By M. Medrano, S. Zorrilla, Laguna Verde NPP, Mexico

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Cook 1&2 US Lowest 4 Loop PWR Refueling Outage Dose: ALARA Achievements & Lessons Learned
By C. Moeller, Cook NPP, USA
Distinguished Paper at the 2010 ISOE North-American ALARA Symposium (Fort Lauderdale, USA)

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SAP Nuclear - a new software for Radiation Protection in Slovenské Elektrárne / Enel company
By L. Dobiš (Bohunice NPP), Š. Grúbel (Mochovce NPP), F. Putignano (Enel), Slovak Republic
Distinguished Paper at the 2010 ISOE International Symposium (Cambridge, United Kingdom)

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Cernavoda NPP – Using Dose Constraints as ALARA Instruments
By C. Chitu, V. Simionov, I. Popescu, Cernavoda NPP, Romania