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ALARA Implementation Principles at the Design and Decommissioning Stages at ANPP
By A. Avetisyan (Armenian Nuclear Regulatory Authority), V. Atoyan (Medzamor 2 NPP), Armenia

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New CZT Handled Spectrometer
K. Boudergui, V. Kondrasovs, CEA LIST, France

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Integrated Sensor Handled by Robot for Dose Rate Measurement
K. Boudergui, A.M. Frelin, V. Kondrasovs, S. Normand, CEA LIST, France

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The Statistical Distribution of Assessed Actinide Intakes
By R. Bull, G. Wilson, Nuvia Limited, United Kingdom

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CNE Cernavoda - Management of Internal Tritium Exposures
By I. Popescu, C. Chitu, L. Samson, V. Simionov, Cernavoda NPP, Romania

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BWR Source Term Management – Strategies and Results at General Electric-designed BWRs
By S.E. Garcia, P. Tran (EPRI), J.F. Giannelli, A.J. Jarvis, M.L. Jarvis (Finetech, Inc.), USA

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Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety School Experience and Prospects
By G. Ghioni (Caorso NPP), F. Mancini (SOGIN), A. Micocci (Caorso NPP), Italy

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Proposal for Unconditional Clearance Levels for Contaminated Soil from Italian NPPs
By F. Mancini, M. Fumagalli, M. Caldarella, SOGIN, Italy

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Cr and Co release reduction from stainless steels in PWR and BWR
By T. Yokoyama, H. Anada, T. Nakai, K. Takeda, Sumitomo Metals Industries Ltd, Japan