Folder Session 4: Source-Term Management


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Dose Rate Reduction Methods at Shimane Nuclear Power Station
By T. Kanaoka, H. Kajitani, T. Sato (Chugoku Electric Power Company), N. Usui (Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy) , Japan
Distinguished Paper at the 2009 Asian Symposium (Aomori, Japan)

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Pressurized Water Reactor Primary Chemistry Initiatives and Impact on Plant Dose Rates
By D. Perkins, C. Haas, D. Hussey, EPRI, USA

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EDF Measurement Program for Source Term Reduction
By G. Ranchoux (EDF SEPTEN), A. Rocher, O. Lecoanet (EDF UNIE-GPRE), M. Wintergerst (EDF CEIDRE), G. Cordier (EDF DPN), J. Bonnefon, L. Guinard (EDF SEPTEN), France

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Full System Decontamination – Sustainable Dose Reduction for Operating Nuclear Power Plants
By C. Stiepani, AREVA NP GmbH, Germany
presented by I. Terry, AREVA NP GmbH, Germany