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Reduction methods of Cr and Co release from stainless steels in PWR and BWR
By H. Anada, Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd., Japan

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Nuclear Energy Institute Update
By E. Anderson, NEI, USA

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Use of the Laser Scanning Technology to Support Existing Nuclear Facilities and New Plant Construction
By O. Burger, CSA Inc., USA

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Braidwood Low Inventory Shutdown Experience
By H. Bush, Braidwood NPP, USA

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RP2020: EPRI Radiation Management Technical Objectives
By S. Bushart, D. Hussey, EPRI, USA

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Hot Particle Retrieval at Pickering A
By S. Cameron, Pickering NPP, Canada

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Human Performance & ALARA at Pickering B
By S. Cameron, Pickering NPP, Canada

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INPO RP 2020 and ALARA Update
By C. Connelly, INPO, USA

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Options to Revise Radiation Protection Regulations
By D. Cool, U.S. NRC, USA

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Evaluation of Updated Research on the Health Effects and Risks associated with Low Dose Ionizing Radiation
By L. Dauer, EPRI, USA

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World Class ALARA Performance at Susquehanna
By R. Doty, Susquehanna NPP, USA

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EPRI Source Term Reduction Program Update
By L. Edwards, D. Hussey, EPRI, USA

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Observations and Findings in the Area of ALARA
By S. Garry, U.S. NRC, USA

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Fort Calhoun Station Challenges and Successes During Major Equipment Replacement Activities
By R. Hodgson, Fort Calhoun NPP, USA

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D.C. Cook Nuclear Power Plant - 5 Year Dose Reduction Plan
By P. Hoppe, Cook NPP, USA

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Alloy 600 Inspection and Mitigation Dose Performance: 2008 Update
By K. Kim, D. Hussey, EPRI, USA

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Dresden Nuclear Power Station Dose Reduction through Remote Control (replacement of steam dryers)
By Krause, USA

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Chemical Decontamination of the Chemical & Volume Control Letdown Line
By D. Lloyd, Catawba NPP, USA

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Challenges of a Nuclear Renaissance
By the Honorable Peter B. Lyons, Commissioner, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, USA

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Applicability of ALARA Lessons Learned from Decommissioning Projects to Operating Plants
By R. McGrath, EPRI, USA

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Highlights of Global ISOE Bureau Programs at Nuclear Plants
By W. Mizumachi, JNES, Japan

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ALARA Findings and Observations Regional Perspectives
By J. Noggle, U.S. NRC, USA

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Observations and Findings in the Area of ALARA
By M. Phalen, U.S. NRC, USA

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Pt. Lepreau Refurbishment Project - Retube Overview
By C. Pritchard, Point Lepreau NPP, Canada

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Inside and outside – A review of the RCA boundary
By A. Ritter, Leibstadt NPP, Switzerland

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Scaffolding Initiatives – Building on Industry Success
By P. Saunders, EPRI/Suncoast Solutions, USA

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Dose Reduction Initiatives at Arkansas Nuclear One
By D. Stolz, Arkansas NPP, USA

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Outage Activity Transport Monitoring Surveys at CANDU Stations
By Y. Verzilov, A. Husain, Kinectrics, USA

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Airborne Tritium Mitigation Successes at Darlington
By T. Wong, Darlington NPP, Canada