Folder Reactor Cavity Decontamination

EDF and EPRI have started a multi-year program to optimize Reactor Cavity Decontamination. EDF is focused on improving the cavity decontamination process performed during outages in the French PWRs and in parallel, improvements to the decontamination processes of circuits (systems) and of big components will also be investigated. In order to maximize resources and provide benefit to all EPRI members, EPRI and EDF will be collaborating, as much as possible, on this optimization project. Special emphasis will be placed on collecting international experience on this subject.

To facilitate the collection of international experiences, series of international workshops in France or the USA will be organised.


A survey has been made in April 2013 within the ISOE European Utilities and US EPRI members to collect information on:

  1. Reactor cavity characteristics
  2. Reactor cavity access
  3. Reactor cavity decontamination
  4. Duration, Schedule and Labor
  5. Reactor Cavity Decontamination Method
  6. Reactor Cavity Decontamination Strategy
  7. Decontamination Extent
  8. Radiation protection issues
  9. Personnel and System Safety Considerations
  10. Feedback Experience
  11. Pending or proposed modifications to improve the process
  12. Chemical decontamination processes for systems or components
  13. Additional relevant information not addressed within the Survey

The synthesis of the answers to this survey can be Folder downloaded here .

If you would like to participation to this exchange of information, please complete and return the following document (see below in Documents section) to EPRI, EDF and ISOE.


The first EDF-EPRI International Workshop has been organised by EDF in Paris (France) on 25 and 26 September 2013.

 The Proceedings are available here (restricted to Utilities only)