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RP2020: A Vision for Radiation Safety at U.S. Nuclear Power Plants in the 21st Century
By R. Andersen (NEI), S. Bushart (EPRI), J. Place (INPO), USA

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Full System Decontamination for Decommissioning: Experiences at NPP Barsebäck units 1 and 2 applying the AREVA NP GmbH CORD UV / AMDA Technology
By A. Basu (AREVA NP GmbH – Germany), C.G. Lindvall (Barsebäck NPP – Sweden), T. Aberg (Barsebäck NPP - Sweden), T. Tingfors (Barsebäck NPP – Sweden), C. Topf (AREVA NP GmbH – Germany), M. Mattson (Oskarshamn NPP – Sweden)

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Human Factors, Safety Culture, Implementation in Radiation Protection Management and in Radiation Protection Training
By J. Bote Moreno, Almaraz NPP, Spain

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The IAEA BSS Revision Process: Background and Status
By P. Deboodt, R. Czarwinski, IAEA

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Synthesis of Benchmarking Visits on the Organisation and Practical Implementation of Radiation Protection in Nuclear Power Plants
By F. Drouet (CEPN), G. Cordier (EDF DPN), P. Croüail (CEPN), B. Jeannin (EDF DPN), C. Lefaure (CEPN), L. Vaillant (CEPN), France

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Taking into account Human and Organizational Aspects of the Remote Monitoring System in Radiation Protection
By I. Fucks, S. Guyot, EDF R&D, France

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Unexpected Radiological Exposure during Removal of the Lower Vessel Internals at Ascó 2 NPP
By F.J. González Tardiu, Asco NPP, Spain

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How to Motivate Young Workers to be trained as Radiation Protection Professionals?
By S.G. Jahn, HSK, Switzerland

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A Study on Loviisa NPP (VVER-440) Dose Rate Measurement’s Ability to Detect Small Primary to Secondary Coolant Leaks
By A. Ketolainen, Fortum Nuclear Services Ltd, Finland

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Full System Decontamination at the Obrigheim NPP
By W. Kukla (Obrigheim NPP), C. Topf (AREVA NP GmbH), Germany

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EDF Program for Cleaning of PWR High Dosimetric NPP
By P.A. Munoz, B. Nohl, EDF CIDEN, France

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Education and Training of Radiation Protection Officers in Sweden
By V. Nilsson, Forsmark NPP, Sweden
Distinguished Paper at 2008 ISOE European ALARA Symposium (Turku, Finland)

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Application of the ALARA Principle at the Tihange NPP
By P. Petit, Tihange NPP, Belgium

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Factors Contributing to the Reduction of Occupational Exposures at Dukovany NPP
By K. Petrova (SONS), L. Urbancik (SONS), V. Kulich (Dukovany NPP), D. Fuchsova (SONS), Czech Republic

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ALARA in the Dismantling of Nuclear Facilities
By A. Rodriguez, M. Teresa Ortiz, ENRESA, Spain

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Almaraz NPP: Past, Present and Future
By B. Rosell Herrera, Almaraz NPP, Spain

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Radiation Protection by Design – the EPR
By I. Terry (AREVA NP GmbH – Germany), P. Jolivet (AREVA NP SAS – France)