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pdf Schieber2019.ppt

ISOE Information System on Occupational Exposure: General Presentation and highlight of key activities
C. Schieber, ISOE ETC - CEPN, France
2019 ISOE International Symposium (Beijing, China)

pdf DoAmaral2017.ppt

25th Anniversary of the Global ISOE System: from 1992 to 2017 and beyond
By M. do Amaral, ISOE Chair, Brazil
2017 ISOE International Symposium (Fort Lauderdale, USA)

pdf Hwang2016.ppt

ISOE Strategic Programme Plan (2016-2019)
By T.-W. Hwang, ISOE Chairman – KHNP, South Korea
2016 ISOE International Symposium (Brussels, Belgium)

pdf Rakhuba2016.ppt

ISOE Contributions to the Work of CRPPH: Past and Future
By A. Rakhuba (ISOE Joint Secretariat – OECD NEA), E. Lazo (OECD NEA)
2016 ISOE International Symposium (Brussels, Belgium)

pdf Okyar2015-2.ppt

ISOE Program - Expert Group Activities
By H. B. Okyar, OECD NEA, France
2015 ISOE International Symposium (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)