pdf ISOE_News_17

Seventeenth Edition of the ISOE News (September 2011).

Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Accident
- Radiation dose control measures at the Fukushima Dai-ichi NPP after the accident:
a- Revision of dose limit in emergencies in Japan,
a- System of radiation control measures in J Village,
a- Radiation protection equipment, work management and early countermeasures

- Review of radiation exposures:
a- Detailed presentation of preliminary dose reports for the first months,
a- Other exposures

- Radiation control measures for employees of the government engaged in restoration work:
a- Radiation control measures for the Self-Defense Forces of Japan,
a- Radiation control measures for firefighting teams

- Evaluation of radiation exposure control measures
- Evaluation of emergency medical system for exposures
- TEPCO Road Map (Basic Policy, Targets, Immediate Actions)
- Brief description of operations at Fukushima Dai-ichi during July-August 2011:
a- Installation of the cover for Unit 1,
a- Hot spot identification,
a- Management of on-site contamination,
a- Waste management and reactor cooling of Unit 3,
a- Spent fuel pool of Unit 4,
a- Progress status classified by issues directly related with the workers and the work environment,
a- On-site radiation monitoring

- ISOE Network Website (www.isoe-network.net) and the Severe Accident Management
- Upcoming ALARA Symposium: 2012 ISOE International Symposium (January 2012) and 2012 ISOE European Symposium (June 2012)