pdf ISOE_News_10

Tenth Edition of the ISOE News (July 2007).

- Report on Work Management in the Nuclear Power Industry
- ISOE Working Group on Data Analysis (WGDA):
ISOE Database web development, WGDA Task Team updates, Benchmarking visits, Demonstration of ATC ALARA Library Search Engine, Election of new chairman
- ISOE Asian ALARA Symposia (2006 and 2007 symposia)
- ISOE International ALARA Symposium, January 2007 - EPRI RP Conference (Highlight of Plenary Session)
- CRPPH Expert Group on Occupational Exposure (EGOE)
- ISOE Network (ALARA Library, ISOE Database, Plans for new developments of the ISOE Website)
- ISOE Programme Activities (ISOE Steering Group, Upcoming ISOE Symposia