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Occupational Exposure at Japanese Nuclear Power Plants
By Y. Hayashida, JNES, Japan

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Achievement of Lowest PWR Dose at Cook Nuclear Plant
By B. Hite, Cook NPP, USA

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Development of Cyber ALARA Program
By C. Hoon, Korea Hydro-Nuclear Power Company, Republic of Korea

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Experience on the Commercial Operation of Ulchin Vitrification Facility
By W.G. Jung, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. Ltd, Republic of Korea

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Field Application of CZT Detector for Evaluation of Radiation Source Term
By D.W. Miller, Cook NPP, USA

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Lessons Learned from Fukushima
By W. Mizumachi, JNES, Japan

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ISOE Programme through the 20th Anniversary
By H.B. Okyar, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, France

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Exelon Board Governance Approach to Achieving Excellence in Nuclear Plant Fleet Operations and Nuclear/Radiological Safety
By J. Palms, University of South Carolina, USA

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Los Alamos National Laboratory Developed Technology Proven Effective for Reducing Plant Radiation Levels in Light and Heavy Water Reactors
By P.J. Robinson, (n,p) Energy Inc., USA

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Update on ISOE website and database
By C. Schieber, CEPN, France

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The situation of individual dose management of the workers who engaged in emergency work in Fukushima-daiichi nuclear power station accident
By K. Sumiyoshi, Tokyo Electric Power Company Inc., Japan

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Developing a Strong Nuclear Safety Culture
By L. Weber, Cook NPP, USA

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Monitoring Support Activities by Electric Utilities
By M. Yamada, Fukushima Supporting Division, The Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan, Japan

Presented by Y. Hayashida, JNES, Japan

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RMS alarm under IHA decontamination
By J. Young-Chule, Shin-Kori NPP, Republic of Korea